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At Crownford we recognise the value of building lasting relationships across industry sectors. We forge partnerships with small to medium businesses to deliver professional expert advice regarding Health and Safety, Employment Law and Human Resources plus many more. We know that by working together and offering our experience and expertise we can help smaller business grow and prosper the same way larger organisations do. We are always on the look out for new partnerships. If you have anyone in mind or an exiting client we can discuss a mutually beneficial and profitable partnership program.

What To Consider?

Your clients may not have the resources to meet all of the challenges they face, but because of the relationship you’ve built, you are in a good position to help. However, your organisation may not have the specific expertise to meet that need. So how do you meet those needs, build trust and add value to the relationship?

Adding value to your client relationships

We appreciate how your clients success is central to your own continued success. We also understand the value to your business, of providing greater support to your clients. Trust grows and your reputation is increased, which can encourage more referrals.  All of which will increase the likelihood of a continuation of a mutually-beneficial relationship and increased success for you and your clients.

Benefits to your business

By joining the Crownford Partnership Program you can earn a rewarding commission when you refer a client and they become a client of Crownford. There is no financial constraints or hidden charges.  Add greater value to your business by offering more. Your knowledge combined with our experience and skills will lead to better decision making and greater confidence for your client. We will help you every step of the way. If you would like to find out more about the financial side of the partnership program, please call a member of the partnership team today to discuss.

Benefits to your clients business

Your clients can obtain support from an organisation with considerable experience across industry sectors. We know running a business can be costly and time consuming we believe our partner program can be beneficial to any Small- Medium business weary of cost. With expert consultants in Health & Safety and Employment Law we can avoid threats of possible legal complication and prosecutions by assuring they are always compliant.

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Happy Customers

Be Seen Online is proud to be a long standing partner of Crownford. We believe that our partnershiship has not only helped the success of our own business but has benefited our client base significantly.

Be Seen Online,
Jacob Andrew

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