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Health & Safety Management Tool

Risk Assessments are hugely important when it comes to the management of your businesses Health and Safety hazards, and if you have more than five staff, they are a legal obligation. Crownford can deliver a web-based IT tool for the management of risk and compliance for your business.

This risk management tool has a recognised track record of delivering risk reduction, claims defensibility, legal compliance and commensurate reduced costs. Through the use of this software you can create a collection of risk assessments to allow your business to be compliant. The software offers the complete functionality to create, review and monitor a full range of risk assessments, providing performance-related information. Then you can identify non-conformities, implement corrective actions and track them through to completion. This process will allow you and your business to take comfort from knowing your H&S procedures are legally fit for purpose.

Our consultants will be with you every step of the process guiding you through the implementation to help improve your business resilience.

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