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Our Employment Law and HR consultants can make sure your healthcare institution is fully compliant.

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HR & Employment Law consultants specialising in helping to make sure your healthcare institution is legally compliant.

Are you a healthcare institution grappling with potential employment law challenges?

We understand the intricacies HR personnel have to navigate and we’re here to help you stay aligned with the latest legislation and ensure your compliance.

Our professional team of HR & Employment Law Consultants have extensive experience working with healthcare institutions and are readily available to assist you.

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How we can help your business..

Your healthcare institution depends on a committed workforce that is crucial to its success. We understand that your employees are your most valued resource. That’s why our team of qualified barristers, solicitors, and HR consultants are here to offer you dependable and comprehensive support in all HR and employment law matters. With our extensive experience, we can assist you with day-to-day tasks, ensuring legal compliance and optimal operations. In times of crisis, we stand by your side, providing the reassurance you need. Trust us to be your reliable partner in navigating the intricacies of HR and employment law.


Tailored Support

We understand the unique needs of healthcare institutions, which is why our support is expressly tailored for you. Our commitment is to keep you updated about the latest legal changes impacting your sector. With our Crownford Guarantee, we provide additional protection for your institution by covering the costs of legal fees and claims. Moreover, our employment law courses are designed to keep your managers current with the latest legislation, ensuring they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate HR challenges effectively.

Need more support?

In addition we offer a number of optional bolt-on services to tailor your service further:

Employment law awareness training

Equal opportunities awareness training

Handling grievances and dismissal training

Handling appraisals training

Back-to-work interview training

Investors in People

Just a few benefits for your healthcare institution...

There are many prosperities your business can benefit from our Employment Law & HR services.


Keep on top

We’ll keep you up-to-date with latest employment and HR law changes, so your business remains compliant.


No Clock Watching

Unlike traditional employment and HR legal support, there’s no time watching or paying by the hour, we offer efficient cost effective support.


Cost Effective

We’ll help you reduce costs associated with HR activities, allowing you to direct profits elsewhere.


Fair Play

We’ll help you introduce conscientious practices that ensure employees are treated fairly, providing you with peace of mind.


Improved Reputation

Our pragmatic approach to HR will enhance your business reputation, economic success and your attractiveness to potential employees.

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Quality Management Consultancy

We use proven methods which oversee all relevant activities, to ensure quality excellence is attained.

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ISO Certification Consultants

ISO Certifications benefit tendering opportunities, encourage greater efficiency and improve your business’ reputation.

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Environmental Consultants

We will advise how best to limit your carbon footprint and achieve high energy efficiency throughout your business.

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