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1 May

How Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots are Disrupting HR

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you may have heard about the development in Artificial Intelligence in the news. One area of AI that’s come on leaps and bounds are Bots. Bot’s are automation software that is designed to take over many administrative tasks allowing workers to get up to speed on the things that really matter and be more productive.

Having been in the Human Resources industry for 30 years we know that the stress and work involved in the back office low-level stuff like filling out forms, shuffling papers and tracking attendance. Wouldn’t it be great if Bots could replace all our mundane boring tasks? Rest assured many first adopters are experiencing substantial benefits to their businesses.

Ove the next few years, we will see a rise in HR Bots in within the workplace. The next time you’re hired, you might find yourself getting information about payroll, vacations and expenses by talking to a chat bot instead of consulting a handbook for new employees or talking to someone in HR.

Whilst researching about HR Bots I discovered ‘Spot’ it’s free to use chatbot that can be accessed through their website. Spot has been designed to report sexual harassment or discrimination within the workplace. After answering carefully designed automated answers ‘Spot’ will then produce a PDF which can then be used to help you report your incident within your own organisation.

This smart artificial intelligence chatbot is designed to provide a judgement free service that doesn’t rush or fluster its user.  In many cases, some employees might find it hard to share their experience. The report is designed to help you get your point across when trying to resolve the issue with your HR manager.

We believe this tool is a step forward for the HR department and the workplace but also crucial application to tackle sexual harassment and discrimination.

So, there we have it, the rise of AI Bots is a massive positive from our perspective. Not only can they help with our mundane administrative tasks, they can help employees get their message across and shine a light on the unfair treatment that happens every day at work.

Look out for the Crownford HR Bot helping you with your problems in the near future.

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