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Does my business need a HR Management Tool?

The biggest asset in your business is your staff and so keeping their information safe, secure and ensuring it is comprehensive should be a priority. Keeping all your staffing information in one secure location, where access levels are controlled by you, allowing your business to be GDPR compliant and adding an further layer of security to your business. This means you can use your HR Management Tool as an online directory of staff.

Use your HR Management Tool to clock staff in and out, create a rota and automatically generate timesheets, use it to monitor leave, sick leave, lateness and create other absence reports. Set reminders for important events, such as probation period end dates, appraisal reminders and analyse recruitment and staff retention rates.

You can also use your HR Management Tool to set targets, objectively analyse employee performance, highlight areas for improvement and coach your staff to continually develop a high performing team.

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