2 Sep


Managing employees is a significant legal and compliance challenge. Even with the best intentions and robust HR processes sometimes things can go wrong. This is where insurance can plug the gap to protect against expensive and time hungry claims.

As a Crownford client Risk Hub can offer a comprehensive protection covering awards, legal costs and with access to your HR provider and full legal support.

Employment Legal Protection Insurance provides legal protection insurance to cover the costs of defending tribunal claims including fees, settlements and awards up to £100,000 any one claim and £500,000 in any one year of insurance subject to the terms and conditions as detailed in this document, the policy wording and the policy schedule.

Employment Tribunal Claims – What Is insured

Your own adviser’s costs

An award made by an Employment Tribunal
against you

A settlement with a prospective, current or
former employee following receipt by you of
an ET1

Limit of indemnity of either £50,000 or £100,000 for any one event and £500,000 in the aggregate to cover costs, fees,
settlements and/ or awards.

Policy covers pursuit of an employee or former employee who is in breach of a contractual restrictive covenant

Additional optional cover available for defence of criminal prosecution

Finding this cover in the open insurance market without a high excess and prohibitive restrictions is becoming increasingly difficult.

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