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10 May

Is Virtual Reality the answer to Health and Safety Training

The Health and Safety industry often gets left behind when it comes to emerging technologies. The last safety video I watched had perms and hairspray galore, I’m 100% sure they are a safety concern in its self. We have seen the rise in Human Resources software offer the last few years but hardly anything for Health and safety in the workplace.

As technology advances all the time we have seen the rise of VR over the last few years, from the Oculus Rift to the major players getting involved. Samsung GearHTC Vive, Microsoft Holo Lens as well as cheaper versions such as Google cardboard and Chinese knockoffs.

It probably comes as a surprise to learn that VR has been around since the early 90’s, disorientating helmets and blocky graphics just a few floors it faced. Fast forward to 2018 we have wireless technology, improved battery life and advanced scene software.

What better way to use this technology than implement it within the Health and Safety industry. We all know Health and Safety is boring and the last thing on many business owner’s minds but what if that changed, what if it was fun and interactive, and helps build team morale. Let’s face it anything is better than sitting in a room watching hours of old-school safety videos, it goes in one ear and straight out the other. This is a problem, what if we could have eradicated this and not only improve the safety of employees but also potentially save lives. Ask yourself what fire extinguisher should I use on an electrical fire? That’s it google it. Imagine a virtual factory where an electrical fire has broken out and you are tasked to put it out virtually. I’m 100% sure you would remember what extinguisher you had to use.

The potential for this sort of application is massive, imagine running through all major risks and potential accidents without even leaving the office and no one getting hurt.  You could tailor each scene to a real-life scenario in a specific industry. Whilst I was researching VR I came across a G4S Health and Safety Training VR video. Check it out below.