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Russia World Cup 2018
14 Jun

The World Cup: Potentially an Employers Nightmare

The World Cup will take place in Russia between the 14th June and 15th July. As a result, employers could see an increase in absenteeism, issues with race discrimination, computer/mobile phone misuse and be inundated with holiday requests.

Crownford Consulting Limited would suggest that you take a flexible approach on a short-term basis, where possible. This could be anything from a temporary change to working hours to allowing employees to follow matches during working hours. Such measures will hopefully minimise the chances of employees calling in sick when they are not genuinely ill.Employers also need to consider preventing behaviour that could amount to harassment and ensure no particular groups are disadvantaged by policies to avoid claims of discrimination.

The organisation’s policy on internet use should be made clear and holiday requests dealt with fairly and consistently.

Most importantly, manage expectations by letting employees know the rules in advance of the competition.